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Website Design

When we initially met with the Alumacart team, we were informed that there is way more to their company than just beach carts and garden wagons. 

We had to determine the most effective way to incorporate their carts, wagons & garden accessories, while simultaneously working to incorporate their commercial aluminum handrails & gates. 

We knew that we had to differentiate the two and creating a responsive e-commerce website that highlighted the consumer products, while also incorporating an easily accessible commercial page for builders to find.

Digital Marketing Services

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About The Client

Alumacart, Inc is a family owned and operated aluminum fabrication company located in Hobe Sound, Florida. Since the company’s beginnings in 1994, they have designed, engineered, fabricated, installed and shipped our products throughout the entire United States, Bahamas, West Indies & the Cayman Islands. Blue Water Marketing was tasked with creating an E-Commerce website that is fully responsive and more up-to-date with 2019 digital marketing trends.

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E-Commerce Integration

The goal of the AlumaCart website design was to incorporate an online store that allowed for certain customization. The website was built with the WordPress CMS with a Woo-Commerce integration to allow for online ordering. 

Our team needed to determine how to incorporate UPS shipping for labels & flat-rate shipping. We aligned with UPS to connect via an API to allow for ease of use for the AlumaCart team as well as their customers. 

On-Page SEO

When we first began looking into the SEO & keyword ranking for organic search, we knew we had to address the positioning on Google. 

We took a deep dive into their Google Analytics account to determine where people were spending the most time on their website. Many businesses these days believe that a beautiful, responsive website is enough, but there is an entire “back-end” of a website that will determine how quickly you are going to rank on Google. 

For Alumacart, they wanted to ensure that when we were building their website, it was going to be built with SEO in mind. During the process of developing the website, we determined the keywords and ranking information that we needed to establish a foundation for SEO. 

While building the website, we tagged each and every image in accordance to the data that we discovered. Additionally, we tagged all of the H1-H6 tags properly so that Google would have the ability to crawl the website properly and identify the important keywords that we want to rank for.

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