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How Do We Do It?

We research and get to know you and your competitors until we can’t sleep either.

We monitor  your market, your competitors, and determine what consumers think of you today.

We understand when a message or graphic needs to speak louder, broader or tell a different story.

We get personal. No image, logo, or ad-copy is allowed to leave our office until every word, curve and color is you.

  • Logo Design
  • Print Material
  • Online Ad Creative

The Approach

Clients continue to bring us outdated branding & materials, and ask us to to transport that material into 2018. We do.

We reignite brands with vital energy. Infuse them with character and personality. Give them a voice that speaks to now.

Sometimes we alter and change certain things. Sometimes we decide as a collective that we’re better off starting from scratch.

Our clients are now in 2018, prepared for whatever the future brings. 

We establish a voice and identity for the future.




old blue water marketing logo

As we continue to progress as a business, we decided that our logo was not a direct representation of our business. Our approach was a clean image, that aligned with our passions for the ocean. We had many different meetings to discuss the vision, aligned with color schemes and messaging. This is now our brand.

Blue water marketing circle logo

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