Dr. Tred's Slim Body Laser Spa

Pay Per Click Marketing Success

Dr. Tred's Slim Body Laser Spa Website Design & Mockup

We love the results generated from the PPC marketing campaign.

CRO, Quality Score Optimized, Qualified Leads

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Dr. Tred's Slim Body Laser Spa

Dr. Tred had tried a number of different marketing companies in the area, with a difficult time identifying his return on investment. We wanted to change his experience, which up to this point, we’re confident that we have.

We established that implementing a Local SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing that both budgets could stay relatively low, but increase the amount of leads that were coming to the business.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Landing Page Design
  • Local SEO
  • Google Pay Per Click

About The Client

The amazing Dr. Tred & his team at Slim Body Laser Spa stopped by the office inquiring about our services. Dr. Tred’s Slim Body Laser Spa has helped over 4,000 people lose weight with their amazing tools. He wanted to know what else he could do to grow his business.

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Landing Page Design

Our first step in creating the Slim Body Laser Spa campaigns was to create a single landing page. Our approach was that we needed to create one page that included the vast amount of information that Dr. Tred has created over the years of business & happy clients. This included, but was not limited to descriptions of services, customer before & after pictures as well as videos. 

Next, we built the Pay Per Click campaign. (We’re not going to get too deep into this one. We don’t want to give away our secret sauce). Although, we can tell you that once we launched, Dr. Tred’s campaign had a 6.8 Quality Score and his average positioning was 1.2. We were very happy with those results after 7 days of campaign launch. 

Additionally, we built a ‘thank-you’ page and implemented a call-tracking number so that we could track each and every lead. We want to make sure that we can track everything, so that our clients can identify their return on investment.

Local SEO

The last piece of the campaign was a Local SEO initiative. Dr. Ted had a number of various listings that were hindering his organic growth. With the tools that we have at our disposal, we were able to suppress a number of incorrect listings and get him on 75 directories, increasing his organic rankings on search engines.

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