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Kelley The Keto Mom

Kelley has an amazing product that truly helps people succeed with their weight loss goals. The problem was that no one really knew about it. She had success on a local level and wanted us to help her take that next step nationally. Kelley provided us with a budget and gave us full reign. She wanted us to grow her business and put her full trust in our process. We tried a few different options, but by analyzing the data, we determined the social media, specifically Facebook & Instagram were going to produce the results she was looking for.

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About The Client

Kelley The Keto Mom is a business located in Vero Beach that sells pure ketones! She is a health & wellness company that has a product that she needed to get out to the masses.

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Social Media Management

We created business profiles on social media, but Facebook & Instagram were quickly the forerunners of success. We began to joint-manage the campaigns, with Kelley. There were times when she was posting while at events or we were posting custom, branded images displaying and engaging with the consumer when they would comment or message the profile. It still continues to be a huge success.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

The management of the page was great, we saw results, but knew with some advertising dollars behind the page and product, we would see even better results. We were right! Through target analysis, demographic research and location research, we created campaigns to target ONLY the people that would potentially purchase her product. We began to see instant results and the page that we started with zero followers, now has over 35,000! Here page is constantly updated with news, images, products & events. New people are following the page daily. One of our organic posts has reached over 58,000 people and was shared over 700 times!

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