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We love the website design that was created.

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Locals VIP Club

When we first sat down and analyzed the original Locals VIP Club home page, we thought to ourselves “Miami Vice.” We needed to determine a way to better display who they are as a business and what they provide to the community on the Treasure Coast. 

We worked to create a number of various mockups that included different colors, more visuals and an easier process for the consumer to sign up for their amazing deals!

Digital Marketing Services

  • Web Design
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Graphic Design

About The Client

Jim & Kary of Locals VIP Club came to us inquiring about their business in hopes that we could help rebrand their homepage & help with their Social Media presence in the area.

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Web Design

We simplified the home page to better display what Locals VIP Club offers.  We created an easier on the eyes page by including their deal categories in a picture format.  We also changed the colors to better represent the brand.

Facebook & Instagram Management

We began working to determine the brand voice that we were looking to achieve through Facebook & Instagram. We also were tasked to determine the best approach to explain what their product was. We brain stormed for hours, because their company offer deals, but they’re not one-time deals, it’s a yearly subscription. The management has been going very well and we look to continue to help grow their business.

Graphic Design

As with most of our social media campaigns, we are asked to create custom brand images to display the product or service in a fun, visual way. That’s exactly what we did by incorporating their flamingo mascot with their amazing deals that are included within their yearly subscription.

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