Harborage Catering & Cafe Web Design

The owners of Harborage Catering & Cafe at the Harborage Yacht Club & Marina tasked us to create a website branded similarly to their existing website, but with a different dynamic, outlining their amazing catering options & cafe location. 

harborage website design mockup

We knew when we started working on this website that there was a lot of content that needed to be displayed with visual appeal, but needed to stay in line with the rest of the brand’s image. 

Web Design

We created a sitemap that outlined the Haborage catering, Harborage In A Hurry, Haborage Cafe & Contact pages. Each page has its own sub-pages that link to a number of images and menu options. We wanted the food to be the first thing people see, followed by the many options each item has for custom orders. 

Logo Design

We were also tasked to create a logo for Harborage Catering & Cafe. We wanted to stick with the sailing theme of the parent company but needed to change it enough in order to differentiate between the two companies.

Location Photography

Harborage Catering & Cafe has a beautiful location, which we were tasked to display on their website. We visited the location and took pictures that truly highlighted the beauty of the water as well as their amazing sunsets and marina.

Our Task

Web Design
Logo Design
Location Photography

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