The Law Office of Brent M. Myer

The Law Office of Brent M. Myer has become a friend to Blue Water Marketing. He reached out to us in the very beginning and was looking for leads! We created a campaign that continues to work.

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The Law Office of Brent M. Myer was looking to grow his business, but referrals hadn’t started to pour in yet due to it being the beginning of his business. We created a plan for Brent that included a Google Pay Per Click campaign, Social Media management & branded image creation. The results speak for themselves.

Facebook Management

We developed a campaign that would bring more awareness to The Law Office of Brent M. Myer through Facebook. We wanted to touch on the emotional aspect of Brent’s services. We wanted to understand the feelings of the consumer when reaching out to the Law Office of Brent M. Myer. It worked! We began to see engagement, more followers and of course, more leads.

Pay Per Click Management

For a new business, we knew that ranking high on Google would be a difficult task. We were under the gun to start driving leads, so we create a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign. We knew that we could get Brent on the top of Google almost instantly, so that’s what we did! The Law Office of Brent M. Myer has an average positioning of 1.4 that now generate leads each and every month.

Content Creation

There are times that our clients have the content they would like posted on their social media channels, but more times than not, they have us create everything. The Law Office of Brent M Myer inquired about simple infographics that would help with consumer better understand the roadmap of bankruptcy. We have created a number of infographics that have all gained traction on social media. 


Facebook Management
Pay Per Click Management
Content Creation

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