Logus Manufacturing

Logus Manufacturing located in West Palm Beach contacted us for a full revamp of their outdated website. When we first sat down with them, their website was built circa 2005 and needed to be brought into the digital era.

logus manufacturing website design

Initially, Logus reached out to us with an extremely outdated website. Their competitors were beginning to rank higher than they were on Google and that was a problem. Additionally, a number of their competitors had a number of custom search queries and product sections that they wanted.

Web Design

We had a good idea of what they were looking for as a basic layout had been created for their site. The problem was, none of it worked. Generally, when we create websites, we have a CMS or content management system that we use to make things a little bit easier for everyone. Logus wanted a fully customized website, with no CMS. That required a lot of custom developing. 

Custom Website Development

We had our developer begin working on Logus, writing every single line of code that you now see on the website. Furthermore, he was tasked to link databases of product information to search queries with automatically generated results for the consumer. This one was a big project! We’re still working on the Logus website as it is more of a living organism these days as it is always changing or being updated.


Web Design
Custom Site Development

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