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Website Design & Local SEO Marketing Campaign

Located in the heart of Stuart, Martin County, Florida, Treasure Coast Commercial Real Estate, Inc. (TCCRE) is a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in the sale, leasing and management of commercial properties. TCCRE came to Blue Water Marketing in search of a completely new website design & Local SEO. When they first sat down with us, they had a website that was not mobile optimized and not ranking where they wanted to on Google.

Treasure Coast Commercial Real Estate Website Design
Web Design
Local SEO

Website Design

During our initial meetings with the team at Treasure Coast Commercial Real Estate, we identified their overall business goals and the issues they had in the digital marketing world. 

We determined the overall need to be found on Google. That makes sense, right? If someone is looking for commercial real estate, chances are they are going right to Google. The biggest problem was that their website had been created years ago with no responsiveness and certainly not optimized for SEO.

We needed to ensure that we create a mobile optimized, visual website. Furthermore, we wanted to display the amazing client list that TCCRE has created over the years.

TCCRE Digital Marketing example

Website Design Example

treasure coast commercial website design and marketing example

Local SEO

Unfortunately, as many business grow and move over the years of being open, many incorrect addresses or names can come up during a Google search. 

Additionally, as Google’s algorithms continue to change, business names that are listed incorrectly or with the wrong phone number, address or website URL can negatively affect your overall ranking.

We decided that the next step after the website design was to implement a Local SEO strategy that helped to consolidate all of the incorrect listings being found across the internet. 

Ever since we implemented our Local SEO campaign, Treasure Coast Commercial Real Estate is found at the top of the Map Pack and their overall traffic to their website has increased drastically. 

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