Vapor Rocket Website Design

The owner of Vapor Rocket reached out to us with no website. He understood the need for a vapor rocket website and tasked us to create a website design that was fun, branded with the company colors and displayed the vast selection of products his business offers.

Vapor Rocket is a Treasure Coast leader in the consumer Vape World. They have a total of five locations in Port St. Lucie to Fort Pierce. 

Their main goal was to create a single website that encompassed the various juice lines and products that they sell. Additionally, the goal was to incorporate information regarding each individual store, without confusing the consumer. 

We needed to stick to the very distinct Vapor Rocket colors, while not becoming overwhelming to the user visiting the website.

Branding & Product Based

Vapor Rocket has a number of various brands with sub-products that made establishing a consistency crucial to the design. 

For each brand that Vapor Rocket works with, we decided to layout the website with Brands and then sub-categories for Mods, Tanks, Packages, etc. The user visiting the website can simply click on the Products and a drop down will appear for the sub-page companies that Vapor Rocket sells. We approached this design to make it extremely easy for the consumer to browse the number of brands Vapor Rocket keeps in stock.

The overall layout of the website turned out great!

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