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Social Media can be one of the most effective tools that we have in our arsenal to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Social Media changed the way businesses interact with their customers and now we’re helping you establish a presence that will generate you new customers!

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Developing a strategy is crucial to success with Social Media. We've outlined a number of key areas to help you succeed.


Determine the most effective way of researching the successes of your competitors & the engagement of their customers.


Learn how to determine the most effective content for your customers & how to maintain to increase engagement & sales.


Organic reach has decreased signifcantly on social media. Learn the most effective and cost efficient way to advertise your business to generate leads.

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As the founder and CMO of Blue Water Marketing, I bring experience in digital media. traditional media, campaign creation, and social media marketing. Previously, I had worked on multi-million dollar campaigns for Harvard Business School. EMC, MassMutual Life Insurance,, and Olympus Cameras.Today, I’m trying to help local businesses understand the landscape of the digital marketing world.

Chris Marrano

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