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Understanding that your customers are on social media looking to communicate with your business is vital in a successful campaign. 

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Generate Lead-Generating Paid Traffic

Social media marketing (SMM) is continually progressing and adapting, becoming a powerful online marketing resource for companies and brands. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can dynamically increase exposure and interest in your company.

BWM is a social media marketing company with extensive experience in social media services and our specialists know how to creatively design and implement effective social media marketing campaigns for businesses.

Increase revenue with Social Media Marketing

With social media advertising now a permanent contributing factor in digital marketing, mastering the complex journey to acquire customers is required to compete. 

We pride ourselves on innovating in multi-channel best practices, leveraging leading technology, & experience.

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Social Media Marketing

Strategy & Planning

Determine budgets, demographics and personas to establish our target audience. 

Management & Advertising

Social Media listening & engaging is crucial for a successful campaign. We ensure through targeting all ad spend is as efficient as possible.

reporting & analysis

What is the point of all of this if you can’t see growth or ROI? We feel the same way, which is why we have monthly reporting calls with all of our clients.

Bid Ajustments

In addition to closing previous visitors and custom audiences, social ads are uniquely suited to re-engaging past and current customers.

Dynamic Product Ads

The E-commerce shopping journey continues onto social platforms after consumers have expressed interested in your products.

Lead Generation Ads

Especially on mobile, the right offer and a quick contact info capture is the key to B2B success on social channels.

Competitive Social Media Analysis

We start with a competitive analysis to determine market gaps in your industry.

Result Based

Our tools allow us to determine the most effective content marketing strategy to outrank your competitors

Social Media Marketing Reporting

We will provide you with reporting at the frequency you choose.

Social Media Marketing

Why Facebook Marketing?

71% of consumers who have had a good Facebook experience with a brand are more likely to recommend that business to others.

  • We’re able to maintain the required relevancy for Facebook to recognize your business.
  • We provide clean, detailed analytics & reporting to all of our clients to show the value in Facebook marketing.
  • We are able to classify & organize your business with the proper content depending on your products or services.
  • With numerous clients and even more various industries, we understand what works and what doesn’t.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has 2 billion users in the world. Think about that number and relate it to the area that you’re in. In saying that, basically everyone has Facebook. On a daily basis, 67% of Americans are using Facebook as their primary source of news.

Our advantage is that Facebook offers advertisers detailed information for targeting and expanding reach. With targeting, we analyze the metrics and data to create a well-rounded, successful campaign.

It’s not just the target and ad-spend that’s important, but we also need to establish a versatile content strategy around your business to ensure that the content being viewed is relevant and up-to-date. 

We understand the impact of social listening & engagement. The whole point of social media is TO BE SOCIAL! We prioritize communication between your customers and your brand.

Successful campaigns aren’t just “one-off” but instead, we integrated the various strategies by using cross-platform inbound marketing efforts.

instagram marketing for social mediaInstagram Marketing

Captivating, Visual Content That Reaches Your Audience.

Instagram has become the fastest growing Social Media platforms. That’s because people love pictures and video! People tend to remember 10% of what they hear and 65% of what they see.

  • We know how often and when to post, timing is everything for organic reach.
  • We create original content to keep your followers entertained and engaged.
  • We formulate a style guideline so that your posts bring originality and consistency to your brand.
  • We are constantly measuring your page performance & monitoring your competitors so that you don’t have to.

Need Instagram Marketing?

There are approximately 25 millions business profiles on Instagram. 80% of users on the platform follow a brand. That’s a lot of purchase power! 

How many times have you been scrolling through your IG feed and saw something that you loved and wanted to buy it? This is all because you see something that you want and take action. You didn’t have to read about it. Visuals are crucial in today’s society.

Top business are posting daily on the platform to build a story and message around their brand. We know that sounds like a lot, that’s why we’re here. We make sure that relevant content is being posted to target the people interested in your product or service.

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twitter social media marketing

Twitter Marketing

Twitter gives you an opportunity to gain trust with your potential customers.

More than 500 million tweets are sent out daily, with a total of 2 billion search queries per day. Additionally, users send messages directly to businesses, eliminating the “who am I talking to” question.

  • Twitter gives your business an opportunity to bring value to your intentions. We use that to create trust.
  • Constant interaction is key. We make sure that we aren’t just posting, but instead, we’re interacting with your followers and potential customers. 
  • We make everything about your customers. Twitter gives us the opportunity to listen and then respond back.
  • The whole point of Twitter & other social media platforms is to communicate. We don’t just post, but also create a dialogue.

Twitter is another opportunity for you to increase brand awareness, while simultaneously keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. 

The stereotype is the all you do is tweet. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

We approach Twitter as a form of communication. Learning your brand inside and out, so that when your followers or potential customers reach out, we’re there with an answer, giving your brand a voice. 

We have the ability to monitor your brand’s reputation, your reviews, comments and direct messages. 

It really does work if done correctly. Honestly, the tweets are one of the least important aspects of Twitter. Communication is Key.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest business-to-business social media platform in the world. 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.

  • LinkedIn offers immense value in targeted advertising.
  • We are able to promote your business through content with backend links to your site properties.
  • InMail marketing efforts have the ability to reach specific people or industries, to reach exactly who you are trying to target.
  • Do you feel that your content compete? We can align your custom content with industry leaders to expand your reach.

LinkedIn shows that your business knows what it is doing. LinkedIn is the most effective tool to reach your potential clients.

We will work to determine the correct target, demographic and industry for your business. 

The discussion on LinkedIn with groups and showcase pages will help your business become more relevant in your industry. 

By using the various tools that LinkedIn has in place, we’re able to retarget based off of your website, page and contact form submissions so that your business is relevant with the industry or client that you’re targeting.

youtube social media marketing

YouTube Video Advertising

Think Video Works? You’re Right, It Does!

YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world. There are more than 5 billion videos watched every single day. It’s amazing and marketing on YouTube will reach your customer.

  • We create great product or service videos for your company that will help increase your brand awareness and increase your overall revenue. 
  • Implementing links within your video content, we are able to drive traffic from customers interested in your business.
  • There’s no better use of social media marketing at the moment than to have custom videos for marketing.
  • YouTube has a very high conversion rate in comparison to other social media platforms. People become more interested in your brand when they feel a personal connection. 

It’s not just about the overall brand image, product or services. The ability to incorporate FAQs or question/answer videos for your customers can help build trust with your customers. Convenience is once again key. No one wants to open a how-to or call customer services and wait on hold. 

YouTube gives you, the business the ability to speak directly to them, rather than having someone else try and answer their question.

We also have the ability to target customers through specific targeted advertising. We find out the demographics of your customer and align that with videos they’re interested in. 

Have you ever been searching for something on Google, then you’re seeing an ad before the video you’re trying to watch? That’s what we do. (sorry, we know it can get annoying, but you remember it don’t you?)

pinterest marketing with social media marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Love To Read? Pinterest pins are 100 times more viral than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%. And, as for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post.

  • Currently, there are 500,000 business on Pinterest, using the platform to target their customers. 
  • “Pinned” items on your business page last for three months. Think about the content that you’re creating. Imagine that piece of content being displayed for three months! Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • The stigma is that Pinterest skews more female, which is true, but 40% of its users are male. 
  • We align with users and brands to help grow your business, both visually and with content promoting your products.

Fifty percent of people made a purchase after seeing a Promoted pin and 67% say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from content on the network.

Businesses on Pinterest have an amazing tool that we like to use regularly. It’s Pinterest Analytics, which we use to determine the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience. 

We align your demographics with our targeting knowledge, create relevant content and grow your business.

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